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SUGAR BEAT takes the mission to blow away musical boarders with its irresistable groove.

Steffen Meder started to play drums at the age of 10. He grew up in the live-jazz, funk- & world-music-scene and played with musicians from germany, brasil, amerika, africa and poland. Later he turned more towards club-music. Steffen studied all kinds of different musical forms extensively without ever loosing his instinctivly style of drumming. His influences reach from drummers like Manue Katchè (Sting, Peter Gabriel), Jeff Porcaro (Toto) and acts like Miles Davis, Chick Corea to "electronic-music-artists" like Jazzanova, Rainer Trüby or NuYorican Soul. Provided with an inexhaustible background, Steffen developed his incomparable style to play drums.

Ralf GUM`s established in the house scene as tasteful DJ. At SUGAR BEAT he enriches his DJ-set with fresh influences from Afro to Jazz. No rhythmical boundaries, Ralf's unique flow and Steffen’s incomparable way to play, takes the crowd to another level.

SUGAR BEAT is not just a DJ with an additional percussionist, it`s one beat creating a vibe, that is hard to explain and - above all - hard to resist. At selected top-clubs, e.g. the King Kamehameha (Frankfurt/Main), Zoo Club (Zürich/ Switzerland) or the Cafe Republic (Salzburg/Austria) the listeners could enjoy the effect. The extra support for Ralf´s sublime grooves creates a new dimension of live experience. In January 2004 SUGAR BEAT followed the invitation to the highly recommended winter mo’vibes festival in Munich with pride and delight.

But the collaboration is absolutly not limited to club gigs. Out of the inspiring sessions developed a production team together with CrisP. With SUGAR BEAT’s ingenious fusion of Steffen's funky jazzy drums, Ralf's sound and tunes by CrisP a new style is being created. Taste the first mesmerising SUGAR BEAT remixes on GOGO Music. Own productions are in progress and will hit the floors in 2005.

Get the the irresistible groove: Ralf GUM on the decks and Steffen Meder beating the drums.

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