Artists [DJ]

Ralf GUM

Ralf GUMís music career dates back to 1990 when he started out as a DJ before establishing himself three years later as a full-on institution within the industry with own productions...

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Sir LSG is by now definitely no stranger for any GOGO Music follower or House Music lover anymore. After debuting on the label with "Sax In The City" in 2010 the career of the talented South African took off...

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MAQmanís is an eclectic music producer and DJ residing currently in Vietnam. He started out with soulful down- and mid-tempo tracks, but soon focused on House Music...

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Charles Webster

People love Charles. DJs love him for making their jobs easier, producers love him for the inspiration he provides, his loyal fan base love him because they can trust him to deliver time and again...

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Themba is a visionary in the music industry. He believes music should transcend national borders, cross generations and racial creeds. His unique style of DJ-ing proves this...

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Reel People

(Exclusive for South Africa) In 2001, Oli Lazarus founded Papa Records and simultaneously launched Reel People on to the soulful underground stage...

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Vinny Da Vinci

(promoted by B-King for House Afrika) With just over two decades of deejaying under his belt, Vinny Da Vinci is one of the most important figures on the South African electronic dance music scene...

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Artists [Live Act]

Monique Bingham

Monique Bingham has been responsible for some of the most poignant, soulful jazz-infused house music of the past 20 years. Her career began......

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